mvme2500 PCIe support

Brendan Chandler bchandler at
Thu Nov 11 23:53:12 UTC 2021

Hi rtems-users,

I've been looking at running RTEMS 5 on an MVME2500 board.  So far I've 
used the qoriq BSP which boots and connects to the network, but it lacks 
PCI support.  My goal with PCI support for this board is to get VME bus 
working with EPICS.

Does anyone have PCI support for this board working already?  If not, 
I'd like to work on getting it added, though I'm somewhat new to RTEMS, 
BSPs, and even PCI so I appreciate any help or guidance anyone can provide.

I played around with porting some of the PCI code from the other PPC 
BSPs (mvme3100 or 5500) but couldn't get all the devices found in the 
config space.  Since the board supports PCIe, I'm wondering if it would 
make sense to try to implement PCIe support for it instead.  Before 
starting that work, I thought I'd post my intentions here and get 
people's opinions and guidance.

Thanks in advance,

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