Testing SMP Configuration with rtems-test

Jerzy J yuralogplus at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 13:26:10 UTC 2022


I've been trying to get some coverage reports on my tests. I'm using RTEMS
6 and gr712rc/leon3 bsps.

Normally I run my tests using:
`./sparc-rtems6-sis -leon3 -r s -m 4
, where I can specify `-m 4`.

However when using rtems-test:
`./rtems-test --rtems-tools=$HOME/RTEMS/rtems/6 --log=log_leon3_sis
--rtems-bsp=leon3-sis-cov --coverage
My tests fail, since as I can see in the log it runs:
`=>  exe: /home/yoman/RTEMS/rtems/6/bin/sparc-rtems6-sis -leon3 -nouartrx
-r -tlim 200 s -cov
resulting in only 1 cpu online.

Is there a way I can pass `-m 4` into rtems-test or is there some extra
configuration step I'm probably not aware of that handles this?

My 'config.ini' file:

Thank you in advance and all the best!

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