What is the preferable way to add new BSP (for stm32 family)

Y. HB sprhawk at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 16:20:41 UTC 2022

I have seen in rtems 6.0, there are two stm32 families: stm32f4 and stm32h7

The former one uses custom code to set up BSP, while the latter one uses
the ST provided HAL lib to set up BSP.

Now I need to add a BSP for stm32f3, which is very different (reg layout)
from stm32f4.

To add stm32f3 BSP as the stm32f4 approach is tedious and error prone, but
slim codebase,
the stm32h7 way has full capabilities provided via ST HAL, but may be too
bloat if many stm32 families being added into source tree.

So what is your suggestions? Which is a preferable way ?

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