Windows 11 - Compiling toolchain (5.3 and 6)

Chris Thomas ChristopherT at
Thu Oct 12 13:59:44 UTC 2023

Good Day,

I'm attempting to build a toolchain on Windows 11. I've followed the quickstart guide for 5.3 as well as 6 and run into build errors each time. I began with MSYS2 and ran into this issue:

I implemented the work around but it throws an error with arg7nxwm1.

Attempting to compile 6 using the quick start guide for a Windows host in MSYS2's MinGW64 errors because fnmatch.h is not found. It looks like its available in gnulib, which seems to be part of gdb, but this error is thrown during the compilation of dtc.

I tried moving to WSL2 and installing Ubuntu to get a true POSIX environment.

5.3 won't compile GDB - it says "no libraries passed to compiler". So I tried compiling 6 and it freezes during the gcc build.

I've gone down a couple different avenue's trying to get a working toolchain over the last few weeks. At this point, I feel as though I need some advice on whether to stick with MSYS2 and try to get that working or continue with WSL2. The same for the version, should I continue to try to get version 6 to work? If that's the case, what is my next step? There don't seem to be any packages readily available in MSYS2 that include fnmatch.h. And with build errors frequently occurring, is there updated documentation to assist with getting started?


Chris Thomas

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