Windows 11 - Compiling toolchain (5.3 and 6)

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Fri Oct 13 00:22:49 UTC 2023

Hello Chris,

    I used MSYS2, not all the tools can be compiled in MSYS2. MSYS2 has 
a pre-built dtc package, so you do not need to compile it. And 
ged,texinfo,gdb,rtems-tools can not build success in my MSYS2, but these 
tools are not essential for compiling RTEMS6. I just compile expat,gmp, 
binutils,gcc. I built last week, these tools should be OK.
BTW: build on windows will take a long times.

在 2023/10/12 21:59, Chris Thomas 写道:
> Good Day,
> I'm attempting to build a toolchain on Windows 11. I've followed the 
> quickstart guide for 5.3 as well as 6 and run into build errors each 
> time. I began with MSYS2 and ran into this issue:
> <>
> I implemented the work around but it throws an error with arg7nxwm1.
> Attempting to compile 6 using the quick start guide for a Windows host 
> in MSYS2's MinGW64 errors because fnmatch.h is not found. It looks like 
> its available in gnulib, which seems to be part of gdb, but this error 
> is thrown during the compilation of dtc.
> I tried moving to WSL2 and installing Ubuntu to get a true POSIX 
> environment.
> 5.3 won't compile GDB - it says "no libraries passed to compiler". So I 
> tried compiling 6 and it freezes during the gcc build.
> I've gone down a couple different avenue's trying to get a working 
> toolchain over the last few weeks. At this point, I feel as though I 
> need some advice on whether to stick with MSYS2 and try to get that 
> working or continue with WSL2. The same for the version, should I 
> continue to try to get version 6 to work? If that's the case, what is my 
> next step? There don't seem to be any packages readily available in 
> MSYS2 that include fnmatch.h. And with build errors frequently 
> occurring, is there updated documentation to assist with getting started?
> Thanks,
> *Chris Thomas*
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