Rust on RTEMS

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Sun Jan 7 09:21:57 UTC 2024

On 12/22/23 18:36, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> It's not a huge secret. :)
> <> shows an ~EU175 project was awarded
> to DLR.   From there, Jan Sommer is the only person at DLR who has mentioned
> this.
> I understand wanting someone at DLR to make a statement but the activity
> is clear.  I assume many of our projects for NASA are just as easily tracked
> down if someone knew where to look. Personally, I do not know where to look
> for that.

Side note: currently working with Rust on bare-metal M4 for some 
industry equipment using Embassy[1] and from this I kind of get feeling 
and kind of understand why Rust community is not that interested in 
integrating with established C-based RTOSes even those open-sourced. So 
my conclusion on this is that if RTEMS community would like to see Rust 
running on RTEMS, then the push needs to come from the community itself.

What is IMHO positive is that due to RTEMS libs support, IMHO Rust 
should be able to run in 'std' manner.



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