RTEMS GR712RC termios APBUART Full-Duplex Transmit Freeze

Don Oliver dwoliver at honeybeerobotics.com
Tue Jan 23 19:03:04 UTC 2024

Hi all,

Does anyone have any knowledge of an issue we are seeing with RTEMS 5 SMP on GR712RC related to interrupt-driven APBUART console and termios during full-duplex (simultaneous read and write) data flow?

The termios tty transmit gets stuck in its "busy" state when one application task is reading and a different task is writing the serial port at the same time.

I am wondering if it may be related t the GR712RC UARTs sharing of a single interrupt for both RX and TX in a SMP architecture?

We have a very simple test application that reproduces the problem 100% of the time on the 4th call to "write()".

Thanks for any insight!


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