John Howard at
Tue Jan 30 01:55:44 UTC 2024

I used RSB 5.3 to build RTEMS 5.3 for Raspberry Pi Zero W.

(At least I think I did. Untested yet.)

Several questions arise.

The sample applications are huge sizes. MINIMAL.EXE is 2.3 MB. HELLO.EXE is about 3.5 MB. I assume these are not stripped.

1. Do these samples also include the RTEMS kernel inside them?

2. Is it possible to just compile the kernel for its command line shell?

My objective would be to add other CLI tools such as Gnu Smalltalk and RPM.

3. NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) to bootup was discontinued by Raspberry Pi Foundation. They switched to RPi Imager. RTEMS for RPi instructions are for NOOBS. Should I stay with NOOBS?

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