[GSoC] Defining Memory for MMU page tables at CSB337

Joel Sherrill Joel.Sherrill at OARcorp.com
Sat Aug 4 21:02:21 UTC 2012

Does it have to be placed in the linker script?

Can you dynamically allocate it as the properly needed size?
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Subject: [GSoC] Defining Memory for MMU page tables at CSB337


I want to define memory for page tables at CSB337 BSP.

The following is quoted from lincmds.csb337

SDRAM_MMU : ORIGIN = 0x20100000, LENGTH = 16k
SDRAM : ORIGIN = 0x20104000, LENGTH = 15M - 16k
SRAM : ORIGIN = 0x00200000, LENGTH = 16k

That only allocate page table for level 1 page table which is 16 k ( each entry represents 1M page of memory). I'd like to add level 2 page tables to represent 4k pages. A level-2 page table consists of 256 entry and consumes 1K of memory and its base address is installed at level-1 page table entry.

The question is what's the proper size of level-2 page tables to reserve from memory and what should be its base address (ORIGIN) to be written at that linker script ?


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