How to specify a BSP variant to Configure?

Claus, Ric claus at
Fri Jun 7 00:03:51 UTC 2013

I should know this, but I'm stuck.  After cloning the rtems repository, I tried various values of enable-rtemsbsp for:

../src/configure --target=arm-rtems4.11 --enable-posix --enable-networking --enable-rdbg --enable-cxx --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-multiprocessing --enable-rtemsbsp="xilinx-zynq" --prefix=$TARGET_DIR

e.g., rtemsbsp=xilinx_zynq, xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu, etc., all with no mention of the configured BSP at the end of the configure output.  I don't get it.  I've never been able to make configuration for BSP variants work and don't see how to do it in the Getting Started guide or any other place, so maybe I should ask.

Anyway, once I get an out-of-the-box configuration to work, could someone please tell me the intended way to reconfigure a BSP for our needs?  Currently xilinx-zynq has two qemu make/custom variants and a value for PERIPHCLK in that aren't appropriate to our hardware.  Am I to add new make/custom files?  Do I edit and then have git complain every time I try to update to the head, or can such changes be made somehow with the configure command?

Curiously, xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu.cfg gives -mfloat-abi=hard.  I thought RTEMS didn't support hardware floating point context switching.  Am I mixing things up, or is this valid only for qemu?  For real hardware, should I specify -mfloat-abi=soft?


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