[GSoC] RTEMS runtime loader status

Peng Fan van.freenix at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 07:20:15 UTC 2013


This is the status report about the RTEMS runtime loader project.


1.  Development environment
     - using rtems-source-builder to compile the newest cross compiler
     - compiling the latest rtems source code
     - using rtems-testing to test rtl
2. Arch support for RTL
    - finished arm, powerpc, mips, bfin, h8300, lm32, moxie, sh, v850, m32r
support and some testcases, added testcases for sparc and verified the code
using simulators.
    - finished nios2 support, but not verified.
    - added more reloc types for m68k, but not verified.
    - added source code to linker to support different archs.

1. Elftoolchain: dig into the code to see how to update to the newest
2. Refactor the finished code, try to remove the arch specific things and
document them.
3. Verify the code for nios2 and m68k.
4. Try to merge the patchs into upstream.

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