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Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Wed Nov 27 08:08:56 UTC 2013


Jan-Benedict Glaw from the GCC project runs a Buildbot which tests the targets 
mentioned in "contrib/config-list.mk" of the GCC sources.


This could be very helpful for RTEMS since RTEMS GCC configurations regularly 
break due to general GCC development.

Most RTEMS targets are listed in "contrib/config-list.mk".  The PowerPC target 
is a bit odd "powerpc-rtems4.11OPT-enable-threads=yes".  Firstly it has version 
in its name.  Secondly its the only RTEMS target which uses the 
"-enable-threads=yes" option.

The --enable-threads GCC configure option can be controlled via "gcc/config.gcc":

   case ${enable_threads} in
     yes) thread_file='rtems' ;;

Does it make sense to build RTEMS without the RTEMS thread model enabled?  The 
RSB and the RPM build infrastructure always uses the "--enable-threads" option.

Why don't we make this to the default?

   case ${enable_threads} in
     "" | yes | rtems)
       echo 'Unknown thread configuration for RTEMS'
       exit 1

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