Status of phycore_mpc5554 with latest RTEMS

Peter Dufault dufault at
Fri Feb 14 14:46:42 UTC 2014

On Feb 14, 2014, at 09:17 , Gedare Bloom <gedare at> wrote:

> Are you running the tests on the real hw or on a simulator?
> The RPMs might not be using the suggested versions of the tools. There
> is currently a disconnect between the RPM maintainer and RTEMS core
> developers, and most of the developers are building their own tools
> using the RSB [1]. I think the biggest issue there is that there may
> be some difference in the version of newlib being used. You might try
> to build a powerpc toolset with RSB and see if you get the same bad
> result.
> I think there have been some changes to the thread life-cycle due to
> some need to rewrite thread dispatch critical sections for SMP, so
> perhaps the task delete in sp02 does not get completed in time...

I'm running on real hardware.  I didn't think the simulators supported the SPE (Signal Processing Extension) instructions, but I might be wrong, I just googled it and found this for QEMU for 2007:

Log message:
        PowerPC 2.03 SPE extension - first pass.

It won't help with my code, but maybe I can try running the tests with QEMU.  If anyone has QEMU and is familiar with it you can check and see how complete the support seems to be.

Tomorrow I'll build a toolchain with the RSB.

Peter Dufault
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