serdbg and rtems-stub-glue

Claus, Ric claus at
Wed Jan 22 21:30:32 UTC 2014

Can someone tell me the state of serdbg and rtems-stub-glue?

I’m trying to write an RTEMS thread aware gdb stub for ARM based on serdbg and rtems-stub-glue.c, following the implementations given for other CPU architectures.  

First, it seems strange that there isn’t an ARM version already.  I’ve been assuming that that’s probably because no one has gotten around to it yet, but I’m wondering…  What do ARM developers typically do?

Next, I found that int2fhstr() doesn’t preserve the endianess of the target architecture when encoding data for GDB, whereas mem2hstr() does, as the GDB manual says they should.  Should I fix this, or am I missing something?

Finally, serdbgio doesn’t provide a close() function that could be used to restore the serial connection when the debugger detaches.  This would be useful in the case when the serial connection is shared with the console.  Should I provide this, or am I barking up the obsolete tree?


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