A virtio front-end driver for RTEMS

Jinhyun jinhyun at konkuk.ac.kr
Mon Mar 21 03:51:37 UTC 2016

Thank you for the comment.
We got little bit delayed to meet the RTEMS coding standard.
Regarding the source commitment, we have following questions.
1. Shall we just post diffs to the mailing list? (FYI, our implementation includes about 10 files and 1,300~1,500 lines total)
2. Will it be ok if we generate a directory ‘virtio’ under the ‘pc386’ directory? (i.e., … libbsp/i386/pc386/virtio)

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I'm glad to hear this. The path of least resistance would be to merge the driver into the pc386 BSP on rtems.git. That bsp tree is currently undergoing a lot of activity, but once you get your driver merged I would imagine it is not too hard to maintain. It would also be of interest to get instructions for using RTEMS-pc386 on KVM added to the RTEMS wiki.

By merging the driver into RTEMS it will be more easily shared and can be community-maintained especially if we can eventually get the KVM version included in our planned continuous integration efforts.


On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 5:43 AM, Jinhyun <jinhyun at konkuk.ac.kr> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a graduate student of System Software Lab at Konkuk University 
> (http://sslab.konkuk.ac.kr).
> We are implementing a virtio front-end network driver for RTEMS and 
> have published some preliminary results in ACM SIGBED Review 
> (http://sigbed.seas.
> upenn.edu/archives/2016-01/EWiLi15_5.pdf).
> The current version of our implementation runs quite stably with 
> RTEMS-pc386 over KVM hypervisor (linux 3.18.0).
> Now we are trying to make it work over VirtualBox.
> If the RTEMS community is interested in our work, we’d like to open 
> the source codes and contribute to RTEMS. However, currently, we are 
> not sure whether our virtio driver is better to be incorporated in an 
> RTEMS source branch or to be managed separately through our own GitHub 
> for example. Please give your advice.
> with best regards,
> Jin-Hyun
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