Overrun Handling in ticket #2795

Kuan Hsun Chen kuan-hsun.chen at tu-dortmund.de
Sat Oct 8 15:20:32 UTC 2016

Hello all,

Maybe you have read my mail in users at rtems.org mailing list.
I make a new ticket in #2795 to replace #2722 with more detail information.

This enhancement ticket aims at the overrun issue: When there are deadline
misses, the postponed jobs that should be released are never released to
the system. Moreover, the deadline of postponed jobs is shifted violating
the strictly periodic release pattern.

I believe this ticket could enhance RTEMS to adapt more general task models
for now and build up a basis for the future usage, e.g, soft real-time
task, arbitrary deadline task model, mixed-criticality systems.

I have reviewed FreeRTOS and Litmus-RT to check their implementation as the
Litmus-RT has this feature and FreeRTOS only has the part of the release
pattern alignment.

The detail of the work [1] will be presented in Workshop mixed-criticality
2016 along with RTSS'16 this year.

Please kindly consider my enhancement and let me know what I can do further.


[1] Chen et al, Overrun Handling for Mixed-Criticality Support in RTEMS,
WMC'16, accepted.

M.Sc. Kuan-Hsun Chen

TU Dortmund
Department of Computer Science 12
Design Automation of Embedded Systems
Otto-Hahn-Strasse 16, Room 102

44227 Dortmund

Phone:  *+49 231 755 6124*
Mail:   kuan-hsun.chen at tu-dortmund.de <kuan-hsun.chen at tu-dortmund.de>
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