RFC: PowerPC bsp_specs Clean Up Question

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Tue Dec 12 15:48:56 UTC 2017

On Dec 12, 2017 10:08 AM, "Gedare Bloom" <gedare at rtems.org> wrote:

On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 8:54 PM, Joel Sherrill <joel at rtems.org> wrote:
> Hi
> Many of the PowerPC BSPs uses a shared linker script. That's good.
> Unfortunately, there is variation in the start symbol and the use of a
> (e.g. undefined) symbol in the bsp_specs. I had initially thought I would
> add the start symbol and any use of -u to the linkcmds (EXTERN). But now I
> am thinking that due to use of shared linker scripts and inconsistencies,
> some BSPs are better off if I add command line arguments to the linking
> stage.
Maybe you need another layer of linkcmds that defines these varying
fields before including the shared linkcmds?

I was afraid someone would suggest that. I thought it might be the solution

> Also some use motld_start.o as the start file which is in conflict with
> other BSPs using the same linker script.
> This is the fragment in bsp_specs I am trying to eliminate or standardize:
> -e __rtems_entry_point -u __vectors motld_start.o%s
> Thoughts?
> --joel
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