Running/Debugging RTEMS applications on Zynq

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Feb 8 10:37:01 UTC 2017

On 7/2/17 11:18 pm, Jose Pedro Canilho wrote:
> Hey all!

Hi and welcome.

> I'm trying to run a simple RTEMS program in my Zedboard, and I'm having
> some issues figuring out how to actually run my program on the board.
> I have my program successfully compiled with the ARM cross-compiling
> tool and the appropriate BSP ('Xilinx_zynq_zedboard').


> However, the only way I know to actually upload the executables to Zynq
> devices is through the Xilinx tool-chain, which already provides its own
> BSP based on the CPU+FPGA bistream file created.
> I've tried to create a small baremetal application for the Zedboard and
> somewhat blindly replace the generated .elf with my RTEMS executable.
> Obviously this didn't work... :)
> As I've read throughout some posts in the mailing list, it is advised to
> keep the hardware and software development workflows separated. 

Yes this is what I recommend. It is about allowing the hardware and
software tools to updated without impacting the each other. The hardware
development and software does need to combine on the target.

> But at
> some point I'll have to upload my software to the device. Is there a
> straightforward way to accomplish this? I'm a bit lost at this point...

I have started to document what you need to do ...

It is missing some steps which I will fill in when I can. I hope it
helps get you going.


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