Old TBR pages need to be cleaned

Shashvat Jain shashvatjain2002 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 19:44:01 UTC 2018

Hello ,
In this mail I have offered resolution to clean up the TBR section of the
wiki , by removing unnecessary pages or by making them into a ticket

I think the process using build_bsp script is old and should be deleted ,
the only thing that could be brought into use in BSPS Guide is the
introduction paragraph
"Explaining how linking helps."

 same situation as that of Toolstatus , it is outdated and
 should be deleted , I discussed about whether we should keep
 the toolsstatus in our wiki with chris , here is the link to
 the Decision https://devel.rtems.org/ticket/3615

still  see no updates in present time.
maybe merged somewhere else.

Ticket : this can be very useful to those trying to use their creative
minds to build powerful real-time applications , i think the core
developers should be asked to add any thing they feel may help the
application developers and put a page titled "DO YOU WANT TO DEVELOP
Real-Time APPS ,THIS MAY HELP YOU!!" on Main page.
maybe engineering booklet can have a similar section?
references on this page are quite less , i can recommend to delete it .

This page is concerned with only on hardware RTCs , do not know where we
can place it.RTEMS wiki would not be the right place for this info.
Should be deleted.

I do not have definitive decisions on many , it is just a recommendation .
That is all for now

Thank you

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