RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Tue Dec 18 01:03:37 UTC 2018


NOTE: Patch set attached as tarball because multiple patches contain
lines which are long enough that "git send-mail" refuses to send them.
In general, the patch set should be accepted in entirety or work continue
in my personal repository -- which would be tragic.

This patch set adds an initial draft of the RTEMS Software Engineering
Handbook as proposed by Scott Zemerick of NASA IV&V at the 2017 edition
of the Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software. He proposed an outline
that collected information we had in the Wiki into a format that would
be recognizable to an IV&V reviewer. This will assist those performing
safety and flight reviews.

At this point, the document reflects a first pass conversion from
the Wiki to Sphinx Rest. In each section is a TBD showing the URL
that the section needs to be reviewed against. There needs to be:

* a review for accuracy of the conversion
* deletion of the wiki pages and references changed to this document
* updates to this document for correctness of content

For convenience in reviewing, I have placed the formatted output at

The conversion was done by GCI 2018 students with setup and clean up by me.
I have cc'ed those who helped with this conversion as a thank you to them
so they know how important this is to the RTEMS Project.

I would like to get this merged AS IS so we can get to improving it
ASAP. Having artifacts and technical data owned by the project which
reflect the needs of the users with the most intense applications
is important and reflects the use of RTEMS in critical system.

Please help with the review for accuracy and obsoleting the corresponding
Wiki pages.


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