GSoC PRU: simplebus vs nexus

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Mon Jul 22 11:45:25 UTC 2019

On 22/07/2019 13:30, Nils Hölscher wrote:
>      > I found the simplebus files in the rtems-libbsd repository, but when
>      > building the compiler is not able to resolve the following include:
>      > #include<dev/fdt/simplebus.h>
>     Not all header files are installed with a "./waf install". You can add
>     libbsd based drivers to "rtemsbsd/sys/dev".
> This worked for simplebus.h, thank you.
> But currently I need to add  tree/freebsd/sys/arm/ti/ti_prcm.h and other 
> files located here.
> My include would be:" #include <arm/ti/ti_prcm.h>"
> Simply copying them to "rtemsbsd/sys/dev" doesn't work for these files.
> Any suggestions?

If you don't find some header files, then make sure the header files are 
present in the tree and the included paths are present.  Maybe the 
--show-commands option for waf config is helpful. The include paths are 

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