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>> Hello,
>> I was exploring beagle BSP related open projects that can possibly become
>> a GSoC
>> project. After an offlist discussion with Christian, he mentioned that
>> adding
>> the framebuffer driver for the BSP can be a very good project.
>> It would be great if any of the mentors want to mentor the project this
>> year,
>> would like to discuss this further and maybe work on this project for
>> GSoC 19.
> I'm far from a graphics expert but would be willing to mentor this.
> Hopefully someone with more graphics experience will also pop up.
> For background research, see what documentation and BSD licensed code you
> can find as examples. Also plan to use and likely update the graphics
> packages in the RSB.
> I don't if we have any good basic graphics tests without bringing in a
> package. Might also be worth looking at a test that writes some basic
> patterns.
> And a mouse might be a good bonus if things go well.
> A hello world for this would be running code on a beagle and figuring out
> how to debug. There was a Qemu from somewhere (Linaro?) that simulated one
> and ran RTEMS would help your development if it has the graphics simulated.
> As you flesh this out, you will need tickets.
> I think I just outlined a project. :)
> --joel


Thanks for agreeing to mentor!
I'm in the background research phase and have read the framebuffer manual
in the docs
and have seen the implementation in the RPi. I couldn't find a lot of
information of the FB
for Beaglebone Black, I'm currently looking at the code in
Beagleboard/linux repo.
Are there any suggested readings that will help me get a better
understanding of the
implementation? Also, it would be nice to have someone hint on the
_workflow_ of writing
the framebuffer driver for a BSP.


>> Thank you
>> --Vijay
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