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Am 04.03.19 um 22:56 schrieb Vijay Kumar Banerjee:
> On Sat, 2 Mar 2019 at 21:51, Joel Sherrill <joel at
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>     On Sat, Mar 2, 2019, 4:55 AM Vijay Kumar Banerjee
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>         Hello,
>         I was exploring beagle BSP related open projects that can
>         possibly become a GSoC
>         project. After an offlist discussion with Christian, he
>         mentioned that adding 
>         the framebuffer driver for the BSP can be a very good project. 
>         It would be great if any of the mentors want to mentor the
>         project this year, 
>         would like to discuss this further and maybe work on this
>         project for GSoC 19.
>     I'm far from a graphics expert but would be willing to mentor this.
>     Hopefully someone with more graphics experience will also pop up.
>     For background research, see what documentation and BSD licensed
>     code you can find as examples. Also plan to use and likely update
>     the graphics packages in the RSB.
>     I don't if we have any good basic graphics tests without bringing in
>     a package. Might also be worth looking at a test that writes some
>     basic patterns. 
>     And a mouse might be a good bonus if things go well.
>     A hello world for this would be running code on a beagle and
>     figuring out how to debug. There was a Qemu from somewhere (Linaro?)
>     that simulated one and ran RTEMS would help your development if it
>     has the graphics simulated.
>     As you flesh this out, you will need tickets.
>     I think I just outlined a project. :)
>     --joel
> Hello,
> Thanks for agreeing to mentor!
> I'm in the background research phase and have read the framebuffer
> manual in the docs 
> and have seen the implementation in the RPi. I couldn't find a lot of
> information of the FB
> for Beaglebone Black, I'm currently looking at the code in
> Beagleboard/linux repo. 
> Are there any suggested readings that will help me get a better
> understanding of the
> implementation? Also, it would be nice to have someone hint on the
> _workflow_ of writing
> the framebuffer driver for a BSP.
> Thanks

Just a note regarding the Linux sources: You can use it as a reference
to look up how something works but you must not use _any_ code from it.
GPL code is not compatible with the RTEMS license (neither the current
one nor the planned BSD style license). FreeBSD is the better source for
that in most cases.

Best regards


>         Thank you
>         --Vijay
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