Beagleboard BSP Framebuffer

Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijaykumar9597 at
Thu Mar 7 19:05:49 UTC 2019


I was reading up and trying to figure out the steps to achieve this
project. Here's
what I came up with :

1. BBB uses TD19988 HDMI Framer, so the first step is to get an HDMI output,
read EDID info and set the videomode according to the info. After some
I found a driver in minix that might be helpful. Is the minix license

2. Set the values of structs from fb.h
3. Write the fb.c using the functions from framebuffer.h ( I'm taking the
fb.c in raspberrypi
as example and the bsp-howto as a reference text)

The above list is just an outline and I intend to explore/understand it
better and make a
proposal out of it.

Does this list make sense to you?

What am I missing?

I would really appreciate any remarks/comments or details you'd like to
add, it will help me understand it better.

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