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On 19/05/2019 14:48, Ravindra Kumar Meena wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> The task you gave me to convert trace data to CTF. I am currently 
> studying the code base. I am figuring out how the files are linked to 
> each other.

Yes, the trick is to only look at the relevant parts. The data structure 
for the record items is defined in <rtems/recorddata.h>. The BSP we 
currently use is a 32-bit target:

  * @brief The 32-bit format record item.
typedef struct {
   uint32_t event;
   uint32_t data;
} rtems_record_item_32;

So, you just have the event which consists of an event number and the 
timestamp. The data contains event specific content.

If you run the example in Qemu and connect to the record port, then you 
get a TCP stream of these record items. Your job is now to convert this 
data stream into a CTF stream.

On consumer of this CTF stream is the Trace Compass. Trace Compass is a 
complex consumer. So, to get started and for testing you can also use 
babeltrace to print your converted CTF stream as text.

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