GSoC 2020: Location for FreeBSD files in RTEMS

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Sat Jul 11 16:22:13 UTC 2020


I acknowledge that 2 days is very little time for a reminder mail but
please understand
that this is hampering my progress.


On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 7:32 PM Niteesh G. S. < at> wrote:

> Hello,
> The current directory structure I have been using in my GSoC project
> for the FreeBSD drivers is giving me troubles while installing/including
> the headers.
> The current structure of the drivers is as follows
> cpukit/libfreebsd/freebsd --> After this we follow the FreeBSD file
> structure
> Eg: ti_pinmux.h is placed under sys/arm/ti/ti_pinmux.h in FreeBSD
>      In RTEMS this is placed under
>      cpukit/libfreebsd/freebsd/sys/arm/ti/ti_pinmux.h
> And the files implemented to make porting easier are placed under
> cpukit/libfreebsd/rtems
> You can find these files here
> I have already started a discussion and written a blog about these files
> please check out
> With the current structure, we aren't able to include the header files in
> BSP and test suite directory.
> The spec file for libfreebsd can be found here
> After a discussion regarding this with Christian, he suggested to break out
> of the FreeBSD structure and place the header files under cpukit/include
> and install them with FreeBSD like structure.
> I tried this and was able to include the headers in the BSP and testsuite
> directory.
> On using this approach we have the following structure.
> FreeBSD header files are under
> cpukit/include
> FreeBSD source files under
> cpukit/libfreebsd/freebsd
> We will also be using the same approach for the files that have implemented
> to make porting easier.
> All the headers will be placed under
> cpukit/include
> The source files under
> cpukit/libfreebsd/rtems ( Currently we are having only one source file).
> I kindly request everyone to quickly provide their feedback on this
> structure
> since this is hampering my progress. If you don't like this structure
> please
> suggest something better.
> Thank you,
> Niteesh.
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