GSoC 2020: Location for FreeBSD files in RTEMS

Niteesh G. S. at
Thu Jul 9 14:02:25 UTC 2020


The current directory structure I have been using in my GSoC project
for the FreeBSD drivers is giving me troubles while installing/including
the headers.

The current structure of the drivers is as follows
cpukit/libfreebsd/freebsd --> After this we follow the FreeBSD file

Eg: ti_pinmux.h is placed under sys/arm/ti/ti_pinmux.h in FreeBSD
     In RTEMS this is placed under

And the files implemented to make porting easier are placed under
You can find these files here
I have already started a discussion and written a blog about these files
please check out
With the current structure, we aren't able to include the header files in
BSP and test suite directory.

The spec file for libfreebsd can be found here

After a discussion regarding this with Christian, he suggested to break out
of the FreeBSD structure and place the header files under cpukit/include
and install them with FreeBSD like structure.
I tried this and was able to include the headers in the BSP and testsuite
On using this approach we have the following structure.
FreeBSD header files are under
FreeBSD source files under

We will also be using the same approach for the files that have implemented
to make porting easier.
All the headers will be placed under
The source files under
cpukit/libfreebsd/rtems ( Currently we are having only one source file).

I kindly request everyone to quickly provide their feedback on this
since this is hampering my progress. If you don't like this structure please
suggest something better.

Thank you,
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