[GSoC 2020]: Doubts in building RSB Recipe for EPICS for multiple architectures

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Jul 27 01:49:55 UTC 2020

On 27/7/20 10:34 am, Mritunjay Sharma wrote:
> Please find the patch for PC for EPICS here
> https://github.com/mritunjaysharma394/epics-mritunjay/blob/master/patches/0001-Added-Support-for-RTEMS-pc386.patch


> As an experiment, in the 4 patches I have sent to devel for RSB recipe a few
> days pack, I worked on a local file. I will modify it to published source soon
> in the next version of patch.

Are the EPICS configure files just Makefiles?

Can the variables altered in your patch be controlled from the command line?

What does the `T_A` variables in EPICS mean? I see this is used here ...


If you look down from this there are some special includes ...


What are these files for?

> There are a few corrections in the blog that I have to make and then republish.
> It’s a bit late here in India now and I am a bit sleepy. Please if you don’t
> mind can I send the blog link in around 6-7 hrs from now? 

That fine. Thanks

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