GSoC 2020: OFW Import To RTEMS License Issue

Niteesh G. S. at
Fri Jul 31 19:15:54 UTC 2020


In a recent review of these patches
Gedare mentioned that we cannot use these patches with the
current license. More details regarding the conversation can be
found in the following archive.

The following files have been ported to RTEMS to implement
the OFW API.
1) openfirm.h  -- BSD-4 License
2) openfirm.c  -- BSD-4 License
3) ofw_fdt.c    -- BSD-2 License

The files with BSD4 cannot be used and Gedare suggested to
check if we can remove the entire 4-clause cluster or remove
clauses #3 and #4. I checked this along with the help of Christian
and it seems that we can't remove those. Christian suggested
that we can use the header file with the BSD-4 license to some
extent but the source files to pose a problem. We also checked
OpenBSD it has the same licensing.

So we have come up with the following suggestions
1) Use the header files as it is.
2) Most OF_* functions defined in openfirm.c have 1:1 mapping
with the FDT implementation in ofw_fdt.c so there is a possibility
to remove openfirm.c and only use openfirm.h and ofw_fdt.c.
For those functions which don't have a 1:1 mapping, we can add
an implementation in ofw_fdt.c. And remove the functions which
don't have an FDT based implementation eg. OF_write, OF_open etc.

Also please remember that these patches were created with a goal
to import the OFW into RTEMS and remove them from libBSD so
will using the above approach has a chance of breaking libBSD
compatibility in the future?

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