Does anybody have the source code of rtems tools

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> I'm probably telling you something that you already know but you will
> have to contact Edisoft about that. That site is not maintained by or
> associated with
Adding on, that may not be what you are looking for. If you're using the
open-source version of rtems, the tools are fetched based on links in the
RTEMS Source Builder. If you are using a release, the release sources are
all hosted on our ftp server (, underneath Pick the specific version you
use, and check out the sources/ subdirectory for example:

> --joel
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> wrote:
>> The main page is this:
>> My main target tool is "Core File Generation Tool" in "RTEMS Other
>> Support Tools".
>> The source code is open source, but it needs register and login to
>> download code.
>> After sending the register email for days, I get nothing reply.
>> So does anybody download the tool previous? Would you like to share a
>> copy with me ?
>> Thank you very much!
>> *RTEMS/Support Tools*
>> The *RTEMS/Support Tools *developed in the scope of the *RTEMS Centre *
>> are:
>> *RTEMS Other Support Tools
>> <>*
>>    - Core File Generation Tool:
>>    This tool can generate a core file, from the contents of a raw memory
>>    dump, which will then be loaded into GDB and show the user where the
>>    application crashed.
>>    - *Remote Debug Monitor Tool:*
>>    This tool is an intrusive debugger (i.e., interrupts the normal code
>>    execution in order to execute debug code) that acts like a server while
>>    running on the target board and provides the means for software based
>>    debugging over a serial line.
>>    - *PROM Image Builder Tool:*
>>    This is a tool that encapsulates the user application in an image
>>    file that is ready to be burned into a boot PROM of an ERC32 or LEON system.
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