Questions about waf config system: "grp" and updating

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Fri Apr 9 05:02:26 UTC 2021

Hello Peter,

On 08/04/2021 20:58, Peter Dufault wrote:
> I wanted to fix default console baud rate handling in "powerpc/beatnik" (and thus in anything using powerpc/shared/console). I believe:
> - The bsps (at least the "motload" ones) start up with the baud rate set by "motload" and some of the RTEMS tests actually work, that is, the baud rate must never be set.
> - The default console baud rate is hard-wired to 9600 in powerpc/shared/{console.c,uart.c};
> - If you change the hard-wiring to e.g. 115200 the baud rate gets set back to 9600 if you use "termios" (in the first-open function the o_speed is still 9600).
> I fixed these items and figured how to configure the baud rate using "waf" with the BSP_CONSOLE_BAUD option but have questions:
> 1. I changed all the "spec/build/bsps/powerpc/foo/bspfoo.yml" files (for bsp "foo", the ones that use powerpc/shared/{console.c,uart.c}) to add:
> - role: build-dependency
> - uid: ../../optconsolebaud

if a BSP has more than one bsp*.yml file (and thus a grp.yml file), it 
should be added to the grp.yml file, see also:

> 2. I changed "spec/build/bsps/optconsolebaud.yml" to default those BSPs to 9600 (to retain current behavior):
> - value: 9600
>    variants:
>    - m68k/m5484FireEngine
>    - powerpc/hsc_cm01
>    - powerpc/beatnik
>    - powerpc/haleakala
>    - powerpc/motorola_powerpc
>    - powerpc/mvme3100
>    - powerpc/mvme5500
> 3. I changed the associated "" for those BSPS to add:
> [default console baud])
I try to not break the old build system, however, I don't add new stuff 
to it. From my point of view the old build system should be removed. The 
major blocking point for the removal is that nobody had the time to 
convert the BSP builder to use the new build system.

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