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Ahamed Husni ahamedhusni73 at
Tue Mar 23 10:24:14 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

I'm really interested to work on the * Beagle BSP Projects* [#2891
*Adding PRU Support* [#3730 <>] project
seems really interesting to me.
This project is partially done during GSoC 2019
<>by Nils Hölscher .
Is this a good project for the GSoC?

Up to now I have,

   1. Completed the GSoC prerequisite task
   2. Got the required hardware and tested it. (Beagleboard Black, USB to
   TTL Converter)
   3. Installed RTEMS on the Beagleboard and tested. (Screenshot attached

I need guidance to define the scope of the project.
I'm currently thinking of ,

   1. First finish the remaining work from GSoC 2019 on the PRU.
   (What is the status of current implementation of the PRU?)
   2. Implement additional peripheral support.
   What would be most useful?
   (USB OTG, CAN, ...).

The builtin USB is NOT functional other than for power under RTEMS.
> (USB OTG would have to be implemented in RTEMS to get rid of USB to TTL
> Converter.)
> - Ben Gras
> <>
> (Blog post)

Husni Faiz.

[image: BBB_Serial_Out.png]
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