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Tue Mar 23 15:17:40 UTC 2021

Hello Ahamed,

Am 23.03.21 um 11:24 schrieb Ahamed Husni:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm really interested to work on the *Beagle BSP Projects* [#2891 
> <>]. *
> *
> *Adding PRU Support* [#3730 <>] 
> project seems really interesting to me.
> This project is partially done during GSoC 2019 
> <>by Nils Hölscher .
> Is this a good project for the GSoC?
> Up to now I have,
>  1. Completed the GSoC prerequisite task
>  2. Got the required hardware and tested it. (Beagleboard Black, USB to
>     TTL Converter)
>  3. Installed RTEMS on the Beagleboard and tested. (Screenshot attached
>     below)
> I need guidance to define the scope of the project.
> I'm currently thinking of ,
>  1. First finish the remaining work from GSoC 2019 on the PRU.
>     (What is the status of current implementation of the PRU?)

I'm really not sure what the state of the PRU is. I didn't follow that 
project closely. Maybe one of the mentors of that project can say 
anything regarding that.

>  2. Implement additional peripheral support.
>     What would be most useful?
>     (USB OTG, CAN, ...).

I think CAN is a bit hard without some CAN analyzer hardware as a peer.

USB OTG would be a nice area. But that will be less writing a driver for 
Beagle but more finding out how that works with libbsd and finding a 
good way to configure it. I once put a few hours into it didn't take too 
much time till a PC detected an USB device (see 
Basically it's about importing the "usb_template" stuff and finding a 
way to configure it in libbsd.

I think that topic would have to be a bit of an open one: You might work 
only a day on it and have a working CDC Ethernet afterwards or you can 
need weeks for that. So you should add an open list of possible advanced 
targets. An OTG device can be:

- Ethernet
- Serial port
- Mass storage
- Keyboard / Mouse
- Modem
- Audio
- ...

The simplest one will most likely be Ethernet followed by serial port. I 
would add some of the others (like mass storage) as an extended targets.

Best regards


>     The builtin USB is NOT functional other than for power under RTEMS.
>     (USB OTG would have to be implemented in RTEMS to get rid of USB to
>     TTL Converter.)
>     - Ben Gras
>     <>
>     (Blog post)
> Thanks,
> Husni Faiz.
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