rtems-test not running tests for leon3

Ryan Long ryan.long at oarcorp.com
Tue Mar 23 14:07:21 UTC 2021


I've been trying to run the tests for leon3, but the only test that runs properly is the minimum test. All  of the others produce output like so in the log file.

[334/597] p:0   f:0   u:0   e:0   I:0   B:0   t:0   L:0   i:329 W:0   | sparc/leon3: nsecs.exe
Result: invalid    Time: 0:00:02.754956 nsecs.exe
=>  gdb: /home/rlong/rtems-work/tools/bin/sparc-rtems6-gdb -i=mi --nx --quiet rtems/build/sparc/leon3/testsuites/samples/nsecs.exe
=>  Reading symbols from rtems/build/sparc/leon3/testsuites/samples/nsecs.exe...
=>  target sim -leon3
=>  Undefined target command: "sim -leon3".  Try "help target".
=>  quit

Does anyone know how to run these?

And should I file a ticket for this and fix it in rtems-test?

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