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> Hello,
> Last year I tried to do work and help to contribute to RTEMS. I didn't get
> too far but now I think I now I have a better shot at it! I was able to
> complete the BSP and tools build, and run the hello world examples.  I want
> to work on small tickets first and work my way into the source code. The
> ticket is asking for a test  clock_create with clock monotonic.  here is
> the link for the ticket I'm referring to
> https://devel.rtems.org/ticket/3889 .My thinking is to look for code that
> does something similar. In the ticket it says that there is a test with
> clock_realtime. I was on the discord and someone suggested me to looking to
> the coverage tests. How come i don't see the function clock_create when
> looking at the annotated assembly code?  Also I think the test should be
> based on this
> https://git.rtems.org/rtems/tree/testsuites/psxtests/psxtimer02/psxtimer.c

 That was me on Discord. :)

Yep. psxtimer02 is a good test to start from since it is doing similar
cases on a different clock.

The coverage I was suggesting to look at is here:


Drill down to leon3 and posix and look at the timer methods (create,
settime, gettime) for current coverage.

But I warn you, it may or may not actually support the CLOCK_REALTIME and
CLOCK_MONOTONIC as required here:


So coverage may be high because the implementation of the posix methods
themselves are missing something.

Pull the thread a bit to see if the methods support the clock value in
question. If so, we just need tests. If not, some code gets added to the
timer manager and tests get added.


> Thanks
> Zack
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