[GSoC 2021] Beagle BSP USB OTG Support

Ahamed Husni ahamedhusni73 at gmail.com
Mon May 10 04:09:36 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I need to debug the Beaglebone Black using JTAG. I got a TI LaunchPad
CC1310. Launchpad has a XDS110 debugger with a (ARM - not sure) 10 pin JTAG
out which can be used to debug external targets. The Beaglebone has a cTI
20 pin JTAG interface. Pin layouts for the ARM10 and cTI20 is given here.


Can we map the pins, point to point without adapters to debug the BBB using
Launchpads's XDS110?

Following is what I came up with just refering the above given pin layouts.

*ARM10 to cTI20*

1==5     (VTRef/VCC)
2==1     (SWDIO/TMS)
3==8    (GND)
4==9      (SWCLK/TCLK) SWDCLK(9) and TCK(11) are separate in cTI
5==10  (GND)
6==7    (SWO/TDO)
8==3     (NC/TDI)
9==12   (GNDDetect)
10==15  (nRESET)

Will this work? (EMU pins are not used here)

Also I found a discussion in TI' forum which says,

"Controlling the EMU0 and EMU1 signals, which are mandatory to place the
AM335x in debug mode."


Also the hardware Mod for libdebugger in RTEMS connects the SWO/TDO(7) to
the EMU0(13).


My Project Proposal:

Best regards,
Husni Faiz.
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