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>From further investigation I've found that when a timer expires, _POSIX_Timer_TSR() is called and this uses pthread_kill() to send a signal. Shouldn't ptimer->inf.sigev_value be used here in order to create a siginfo_t object with the right value?

Did anyone have to deal with this while using posix timers?


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Hello everyone,

Currently I am trying to get running ptpd on rtems (following the Chris' work, thx btw).

Ptpd uses posix timers and when a timer expires a handler with this signature void(int sig, siginfo_t *info, void *ucontext) is called. Unfortunately (*info) doesn't have the right values, eg. info->si_code should be SI_TIMER but it is SI_USER and also info->si_signo should be the same as sig but it's not.

Diving into the code I've found where the handler is called (also where *info is created). This is done in the function _POSIX_signals_Check_signal() in the file psignalunblockthread.c. It doesn't seems that info is updated with the values (I guess) should take from object ptimer, which was created by create_timer().

My question is: is this handler fully supported? Or maybe I'm missing something else.

Thanks in advance,


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