STM32H7 HAL update, merge ready.

Karel Gardas karel at
Thu Mar 10 14:24:45 UTC 2022

On 3/10/22 15:06, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> So, the only way out of the chaos was to:
>> 1) replace all HAL files with new files
> Yes, this is fine, but if all the new files have now UNIX line endings 
> why didn't you change the existing files to UNIX line endings before the 
> update? I guess you copied the files from a Git repository. Can't you 
> first change the existing files to UNIX line endings and make a commit. 
> Then copy the files from your upstream Git repository.

Honestly, I've tried that IIRC, but result was that the diff was still 
not right. I investigated at that time and found out that there were 
file(s) (few) which were using mixed line encoding at that time. E.g. 
someone edited LF file with CRLF editor and then file was using LF + 
CRLF on edited lines. Something like that.

So the pain of dealing with this mess was so high and unnecessary since 
those were HAL files anyway that I changed the approach to just simply 
replace the files.

If you would like to review changes in HAL files, then you may diff 
original merged projects files. They both are on so you can 
investigate either there or on local copy. But this is HAL code, 
something STMicro provided and I don't see any point in dealing with 
that -- unless there is some bug to report...

See bsps/arm/stm32h7/LICENSE -- for original source projects locations.

BTW: some information about the mess in merge is also described in


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