Feature list only in user guide

Cedric Berger cedric at precidata.com
Mon May 2 23:47:52 UTC 2022


On 28.04.22 18:15, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> [...]
> It should be checked to be sure it is up to date and definitely covered
> somewhere prominent.  It looks like the page we long time folks likely
> think is very prominent and accessible isn't anymore. Before Trac, the
> top entry page of the Wiki was this type of overview with features. I
> think I found the page here in the TBR section of the Wiki.

As someone who looked closely at rtems recently and decided to try to 
use it, I must say I'm very impressed by the general quality of the 
documentation, of the product and of the developpement process.

However, the first impression in the homepage and more importantly 
devel.rtems.org is not that good.

For example: www.rtems.org says: Latest Release (5.1). Jumping to 
devel.rtems.org/roadmap however show: Milestone 5.1: 2 years late, in 


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