Project Discussion for GSoC 2023

Viraj Jagadale virajjagadale123 at
Mon Feb 13 03:25:09 UTC 2023

Dear Community,
I am interested in contributing to RTEMS and will be participating in GSoC
2023. I am interested in projects #4595
<> and #4596
<> because I am passionate about
networking. I'm currently concentrating solely on #4595. I'm aware that
I'll need to study and comprehend the lwip stack documentation, as well as
how the Ethernet protocol is implemented and networking services are
provided for applications. Then I'll have to devise a strategy for
designing the driver architecture. I'm thinking about reading the RTEMS
Legacy Networking User Manual and understanding the DEC 21140 example to
get started. I'm not sure if this is the right approach, and I'll need your
advice. I am also willing to help with existing bugs and documentation

Viraj Jagadale.
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