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Mon Feb 20 14:59:01 UTC 2023

Hi Viraj,

There is an old GRETH network driver as part of the old network stack 
that would be a good reference.

Note that the old driver supports two IPs (GRETH 10/100, and GRETH_GBIT 
10/100/1000). The GRETH_GBIT IP is mostly backwards compatible with the 
GRETH, but as some additional functionality to off load the CPU with 
UDP/TCP check-summing, unaligned DMA, and scatter-gather DMA for 
example. One approach could be to begin to focus on the more capable 
GRETH_GBIT IP first, section 14:

     or from the IP manual, section XX:

Please keep in mind that the GRETH driver will be used by both 
SPARC/LEON3 BSP and RISC-V/NOEL-V BSP in the future.

It sounds as a good approach to look at the interface of the LWIP stack 
towards the Network Device Driver, for example the DEC driver to learn 
however the best would be if there is a MAC device supported both by 
legacy stack and the LWIP? Simultaneously you could study the GRETH_GBIT 
manual with register and DMA interface and the old device driver source 

If you have a ARTY A7-100T board you could use the RISC-V design to get 
access to the GRETH IP easily get started with. The GRMON eval version 
would also work together with it for a hardware-debugger (no additional 
cost required) which you can connect GDB for source debugging if you wish:

Kind Regards,


On 2023-02-13 04:25, Viraj Jagadale wrote:
> Dear Community,
> I am interested in contributing to RTEMS and will be participating in 
> GSoC 2023. I am interested in projects #4595 
> <> and #4596 
> <> because I am passionate about 
> networking. I'm currently concentrating solely on #4595. I'm aware 
> that I'll need to study and comprehend the lwip stack documentation, 
> as well as how the Ethernet protocol is implemented and networking 
> services are provided for applications. Then I'll have to devise a 
> strategy for designing the driver architecture. I'm thinking about 
> reading the RTEMS Legacy Networking User Manual and understanding the 
> DEC 21140 example to get started. I'm not sure if this is the right 
> approach, and I'll need your advice. I am also willing to help with 
> existing bugs and documentation updates.
> Regards,
> Viraj Jagadale.
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