Interested for GSoC 2023

Karel Gardas karel at
Mon Feb 27 08:15:48 UTC 2023

On 2/27/23 02:16, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Another GCC related project could be Rust RTEMS Support but I don't know 
> what that entails beyond turning it on and seeing what goes wrong. I 
> tried to build it last year and got far enough to decide to wait before 
> trying again.

Not sure how far you went. The process is generally:

(1) tune Rust compiler to cross-compile correctly for specific 
hardware/os platform. So basically you get no_std capable compiler

(2) review, patch and by using (1) cross-compile libc

(3) using sources from (1) and (2) build full stage (std enabled) rustc.

(4) tweak and tune tools (rustup/cargo etc.) whenever required to smooth 
sharp edges for RTEMS.

Here, I'm nearly finished with (1) for arm-rtems (e.g. cortex-aX not 


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