[PATCH 1/3] build: Format build items

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Jan 16 00:35:27 UTC 2023

On 13/1/2023 1:54 am, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 12.01.23 15:44, Kinsey Moore wrote:
>> The other two patches look fine to me. The use of dump() that results in this
>> patch does several things:
>> * Removal of whitespace
>> This is fine for whitespace at the base level of indentation. Whitespace
>> within an indented block may be more important for readability.
>> * Removal of comments
>> This is not good as they are exclusively used to annotate manually ordered
>> blocks of test result expectations
>> * Rearrangement of items in alphabetical order
>> In general, rearrangement of top-level sections is good. For indented sections
>> specifically in tst*.yml, this is bad for the above reaso
> One goal of the new build system was to be able to alter the data through
> scripts. This requires that the build items are human and machine readable and
> writable. The Python YAML import/export does not preserve white space and comments.

Can someone edit the file and add a hex number?

> This there is a need for comments, then the data format should be improved. For
> example, the test state list could be changed to also include a reason for a
> categorization.
>> * Alteration of integer representation to base-10 in all cases
>> I'd say this is a net-negative as most items represented in hex are
>> memory-related and should stay that way.
> Yes, this is a bit annoying. To mitigate this issue the options have a format
> attribute so that the numbers are correctly formatted in user visible content,
> for example the configuration files or generated header and linker command
> files. The build item maintainer has to use a calculator or whatever to look at
> the numbers in the right format.

I cannot see an example of a format attribute? Do the patches contain an example?


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