FW: compiling egcs for rtems under cygwin32

David Fiddes D.J.Fiddes at hw.ac.uk
Wed Apr 22 09:00:54 UTC 1998


> Gloops! Which version of binutils are you using?
> I didn't try binutils-2.9 yet but I was told it doesn't compile well
> under NT.
> I have to check this.
> Maybe you could try binutils-, it's on my ftp server:

Geoffroy is right.. binutils-2.9 builds OK under NT but it mashes up the
EXEs when it installs things. The best way to build the compiler is to make
sure binutils is running and that all the EXEs run OK, are in the path,

Go to your /gcc-i386-rtems/bin  directory after a "make all install" and do
a "strip *.exe" to remove the debugging info from the EXEs...if you look at
the sizes of the files many will be of a reasonable size..others will be
suspiciously small(4k-ish). If you try running them....they won't as they're
broken... You have to manually install the files from the build directory.
When I tried this with an m68k compiler the following files were broken:
m68k-rtem- ar, as, ld, nm, ranlib and strip. It's quite easy to find these
in the build directory. You'll also need to copy them to the
/gcc-i386-rtems/i386-rtems/bin directory as the EXE's in there are broken
too...remember to make the file names match the old ones ;)

When you get the programs running add the bin directory to your path( before
other cygwin programs to avoid any chance of the wrong program being run ).
Then have a go at building EGCS again... it's unfortunate that first time
you use binutils is after you've got so far into the compiler build
(essentially the compiler is built and it's just being run of the first time
to build it's own libraries...).

> Does anyone know on the list if things for PPC has been changed since
> 2.8.1 ?
> (PPC is your target processor, isn't it?)

Yes...a lot of things have changed with the PowerPC since binutils-2.8.1 but
I think that Mike is targeting i386 :)

Good luck...hope it works this time :)


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