hello world working - sort of

Brendan Simon brendan at dgs.monash.edu.au
Thu Nov 12 14:27:24 UTC 1998

I got hello world working on the ADS860 board.  I put some led flashing
code in a loop with a delay in the Init task and it worked perfectly.
printf still doesn't appear to be working though ???

I thought I would substitute the delay routine with a
rtems_task_wake_after(100) call.  The task never wakes up.  I believe
this is because RTEMS is not getting the tick interrupt.  I tried to put
a breakpoint on Install_clock but the symbol doesn't appear in the elf
output.  I obviously have to link in a library or configure the
application to make it install basic timer functionality.  I tried
putting #define CONFIGURE_TEST_NEEDS_CLOCK_DRIVER in before the #include
<confdefs.h> statement.  This resulted in an External Interrupt
exception at symbol "console_write".  This is strange that when I enable
the timer interrupt that the exception should be referencing
console_wirte (or am I misinterpreting something ?)

Any ideas ??

Brendan Simon.

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