rtems timer tick help

Brendan Simon brendan at dgs.monash.edu.au
Thu Nov 12 17:13:16 UTC 1998

I decided to comment out the printf statements to see if that had any
effect.  I saw the same external interrupt occur except this time it
appeared in Idle_task_body (or something similar).  It looks like the
Init task has been put to sleep and RTEMS has scheduled the idle task
and is running.  When the timer interrupt occurs it barfs for some
reason.  How can I check that the interrupt is happening and jumping to
the right routine (rtems_tick_announe I believe).

Brendan Simon.

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I got hello world working on the ADS860 board.  I put some led flashing
code in a loop with a delay in the Init task and it worked perfectly.
printf still doesn't appear to be working though ???

I thought I would substitute the delay routine with a
rtems_task_wake_after(100) call.  The task never wakes up.  I believe
this is because RTEMS is not getting the tick interrupt.  I tried to put

a breakpoint on Install_clock but the symbol doesn't appear in the elf
output.  I obviously have to link in a library or configure the
application to make it install basic timer functionality.  I tried
putting #define CONFIGURE_TEST_NEEDS_CLOCK_DRIVER in before the #include

<confdefs.h> statement.  This resulted in an External Interrupt
exception at symbol "console_write".  This is strange that when I enable

the timer interrupt that the exception should be referencing
console_wirte (or am I misinterpreting something ?)

Any ideas ??

Brendan Simon.

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