hello world working on ADS860 :)

Brendan Simon brendan at dgs.monash.edu.au
Fri Nov 13 13:53:15 UTC 1998

I finally got hello world working with Jay Monkman's eth_comm bsp.  I
had to change the printf statements to fprintf( smc1fd, "*** Hello World
***\n" ) and add smc1fd = fopen( "/dev/tty3", "w" ) as the the console
port on the ADS board.

One slight problem is that the messages (fpirntf in a loop) come in
spurts with about 10 second intervals.  Maybe I have to set up non
buffering mode or something ?

I have copied the libcpu/powerpc/mpc860/console/console.c file to my
application directory so I can modify which smcs/sccs get initialized
and which smc/scc is registered as /dev/console.  This should hopefully
get standard printf working in the mean time.  There is a variable
called m860_clock_rate which was set to 40000000 and I had to change it
to 20*1024*1024 (ie. 20000000) to get it to work on the ADS.  This
configuration needs to be part of the BSP as different mpc860 boards
will/could run at different clock rates.

Brendan Simon.

I still have problems with netdemo though.  I'll keep on trying even
though it looks like my company is going to buy MQX with their TCP/IP
networking suite.

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