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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Aug 10 19:38:09 UTC 2000


OpenCores ( has announced that they are 
about ready to get first silicon on a CPU.  This is the
hardware equivalent of open source software!!!

I would love to see RTEMS be ported before the silicon 
gets back and I think it is VERY doable.  Here is a 
fragment from Damjan Lampret's announcement that describes the CPU:

"I am happy to announce OpenCores will be doing its first silicon 
(TSMC 0.25u, 5LM) using its current open source cores. Current idea 
is to put together three 32-bit RISC cores (OR1320 + 2x OR1601), 
SDRAM & master PCI controller, 2x Ethernet MAC, 2x serial UART, 
RTC & WDT. Something similar like Intel's IXP1200 network processors. 
First operating system for the chip will probably be Linux (also eCos 
and RTEMS will be ported)."

There are ports of the GNU tools to this CPU and a simulator.  There
is plenty of example source that can be repackaged/reassembled to
form an RTEMS port and BSP.  Initially all one would want to do
is a port and simple BSP using the simulator.  The simulator has
support for a 16450 UART and a simple clock tick interrupt.

What we need is some volunteers to get things going.  I can help
kick start the effort (tools, building score/cpu, etc) but we need
others to actually do the port.

Any takers?   

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