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Thu Aug 10 20:10:02 UTC 2000

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Subject: Interesting RTEMS Project

> There are ports of the GNU tools to this CPU and a simulator.  There
> is plenty of example source that can be repackaged/reassembled to
> form an RTEMS port and BSP.  Initially all one would want to do
> is a port and simple BSP using the simulator.  The simulator has
> support for a 16450 UART and a simple clock tick interrupt.
> What we need is some volunteers to get things going.  I can help
> kick start the effort (tools, building score/cpu, etc) but we need
> others to actually do the port.

Before you go to web site I would like to warn you that some
things published are out dated and a lot of docs/software is not even
published (usually there is more stuff in opencores CVS than on the web). If
you want the latest stuff contact me.

Anyway I tried to set up RTEMS environment (for porting it) on my Linux box
a couple of weeks ago but failed. This was probably related to my linux
distribution (Linux Slackware 3.6). Anyway now I have also Red Hat 6.2 and
Solaris 2.6. Which one do you recommend for starting playing with RTEMS? So
if anyone is interested to help port RTEMS on OpenRISC please let me know. I
will be in the port team anyway. Also you have a chance to suggest last
minute changes to architecture or microarchitecture of the first chip of
open source HW community that will go into silicon.


PS I don't think Joel mentioned microkernel that already runs on OpenRISC
(on simulator of course). This is something that I wrote for verification of
RTL and gate level models of the chip before it goes into silicon. It is a
really small context switch code and it switches between two tasks. Tasks
communicate via simple IPC and print each other's messages on stdout. A
simple interrupt generator is used as a tick timer.
Also there is other code running on simulator. Dhrystone benchmark, UNIX
compress etc. Latest version of GCC, binutils, newlib is available from me
(I can't checkin it into CVS right now).

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