4.5beta3a installs smoothly, see below for only rough edges

Chris Caudle ccaudle at pdq.net
Mon Aug 28 22:31:49 UTC 2000

First, good work guys!  I just installed 4.5beta3a on Cygwin, and everything 
went really smoothly (with one minor exception, which I'll detail below).
The pre-built binaries are very nice to have, and were largely responsible for 
how easy 4.5 installed compared to 4.0.

I won't have a chance to check out the Linux install for a couple of days 
probably, but I don't see any reason that Linux won't be even easier to deal 

Now, on to the only rough spots I saw, so that they can be fixed in the final 

-- No link to RPM for Cygwin.

Easy to find the link from the sources.redhat.com page, but a note that it is 
not installed by default with the Cygwin installer would be a nice touch.

-- failed to open /etc/mtab: No such file or directory
install-info: warning: no info dir entry in `/opt/rtems/info/as.info.gz'
(etc. for *.info.gz files installed)

The pre-built packages had some complaint about the default Cygwin 
installation settings.  I assume that typically a mount table file is set up 
with information about default location of info files.  Would installing the 
info package get rid of this warning?  It doesn't seem to affect anything, 
though, so probably just a note in the getting started guide to not be alarmed 
if you see that message would be enough.

-- Documentation still references bit script.  This doesn't exist any more, 
does it?  Documentation is still in transtion I assume, so I don't consider 
this a big deal, but would probably be confusing to someone new to RTEMS.

-- A non-RTEMS specific Cygwin issue that I hope someone else has seen:
Needed to set CYGWIN=ntsec for chmod to work correctly, but had to set 
CYGWIN=nontsec for compile to work properly (otherwise complained about 
permissions on a temp file).
I was trying to create a shell script which set the proper options on the 
command line for the configure script, and I could never get a script to 
execute.  I installed Cygwin just for RTEMS, so I am not very familiar with 
it.  Anyone else run into this problem?

-- Chris Caudle

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